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Published: 18th April 2011
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The chance to own unique jewelry is what at times moves people to only buy certain rings, necklaces, earrings and the like. Meteorite rings present this very opportunity in that meteorite is a mystical material yet beautiful and totally unique. This version of rings hardly comes as entire meteorite but rather as a precious metal with meteorite as an inlay. Of precious metals, titanium seems to be the most befitting partner for meteorite and it has not failed in presenting classy, stunning and enchanting rings. These rings are perfect for weddings, engagements, and even as normal jewelry.

These unique types of rings are formed from real meteorite material. In more particular terms, the asteroid in question is the Gibeon meteorite found in Namibia, Africa. It is believed that this four billion year old stone fell on earth some thirty thousand years ago. The surface of this meteorite has a beautiful and unique crystal pattern referred to as the Widmanstatten lines. This pattern was formed as a result of very slow cooling as this asteroid travelled through space over millions of years. What makes this metal unique, and indeed the meteorite rings, is that no other metal on earth features the Widmanstatten patterns.

A chance to adorn jewelry that will stand out from the crowd is no longer a far fetched reality thanks to these futuristic rings. For weddings, meteorite rings are a great choice as they symbolize everlasting love as it is jewelry that is billions of years old and is at the same time both unique and beautiful. As we may all expect, jewelry of such distinction is likely to cost thousands of dollars but a chance to own them quite affordably available in titanium rings featuring meteorite inlays. This is not typical to how precious stones are sparsely distributed on gold or silver rings but rather an elaborate size of meteorite evenly distributed all over the titanium ring.

Meteorite is a hard material and together with titanium, which is much harder, we have a very durable and fabulous looking piece of jewelry and yet one which is much more pocket-friendly compared to silver or gold rings. Both meteorite and titanium had been very difficult to work with to generate jewelry but thanks to technology we now have href="http://www.boonerings.com/extreme.htm">meteorite rings in a variety of exquisite designs and styles. It is now possible to order custom-made rings created to your specifications as this can be achieved through high accuracy CNC equipment. They are available in lots of styles including wedding bands as well as tension set rings.

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